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Whole organism

A lot of our knowledge on B cell responses originates from studies conducted with model antigens (often hapten-carrier couples) that preclude examination of how vaccination and building of immune memory impact on integrity of the host. One of the pathophysiological situations in which the immune system is put to the test is organ allograft. We focus on chronic graft rejection, which is mediated by the Ab response and remains the cause of organ rejection despite the immunosuppressive treatments. In this part of the project, we combine fundamental studies to dissect molecular and cellular mechanisms of immune cell networks in vitro and in animal models, with translational studies of immune pathologies in Humans. Through this transversal approach, we aim at better understanding humoral immunity and the pathophysiology of B cell-mediated diseases, with the ultimate goal to develop new therapeutic strategies: reduction of antibody responses in transplant patients, innovating vaccination strategies for infectious diseases or antigen-specific responses for biotherapies. This research topic is directed by Olivier Thaunat (PU-PH)