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Major publications of the last 5 years (only IF>7):

Inverted direct allorecognition triggers early donor-specific antibody responses after transplantation

X.Charmetant, CC.Chen et al, 2022 Science Translational Medicine

X. Charmetant, M. Espi; I. Benotman et al, 2022 Science Translational Medicine 
X. Charmetant, M. Espi et al, 2022 American Journal of Transplantation
M. Espi, X. Charmetant et al, 2021, Kidney International

The ROMANOV study found impaired humoral and cellular responses to SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccine in virus-unexposed patietns receiving maintenance hemodialysis

M. Espi, X. Charmetant et al,  2021, Kidney International

Missing Self-Induced Activation of NK Cells Combines with Non-Complement-Fixing Donor-Specific Antibodies to Accelerate Kidney Transplant Loss in Chronic Antibody-Mediated Rejection

A.Koenig et al, 2021, Journal of the American Society of Nephrology

αvβ8 integrin-expression by BATF3-dependent dendritic cells facilitates early IgA responses to Rotavirus

J.Nakawesi & S.This et al, 2021, Mucosal Immunology

IMPact of the COVID-19 epidemic on the moRTAlity of kidney transplant recipients and candidates in a French Nationwide registry sTudy (IMPORTANT)

O.Thaunat et al, 2020, Kidney International

Missing self triggers NK cell-mediated chronic vascular rejection of solid organ transplants

A.Koenig et al, 2019, Nature Communications

Endothelial chimerism and vascular sequestration protect pancreatic islet grafts from antibody-mediated rejection

CC. Chen et al, 2018, Journal of Clinical Investigation

Computer-assisted topological analysis of renal allograft inflammation adds to risk evaluation at diagnosis of humoral rejection

A.Sicard et al, 2017, Kidney International

CD1d-restricted peripheral T cell lymphoma in mice and humans

E.Bachy et al, 2016, Journal of Experimental Medicine

B Cells Loaded with Synthetic Particulate Antigens: A Versatile Platform To Generate Antigen-Specific Helper T Cells for Cell Therapy

A.Sicard et al, 2016, Nano letters

Mature IgM-expressing plasma cells sense antigen and develop competence for cytokine production upon antigenic challenge

P.Blanc et al, 2016, Nature communications