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Recherche clinique et translationnelle

A firm objective of the CIRI is to link basic science, performed by its all teams, to the socio-economic sphere, particularly clinical and industrial operators. The CIRI indeed seeks to promote the continuum of fundamental investigations with translational research and innovation, such as the identification of therapeutic targets or novel biomedical technologies, up to the assessment of early proofs of concept. Reciprocally, fundamental questions deserving basic investigation can be triggered through the bidirectional flow of information between clinic and industry, and nourish the scientific programs of the CIRI.

In last 5 years, the CIRI has created and maintains numerous links with the industry, including patents, industrial contracts including more than 10 pHD contracts or the creation of different start-ups such as Enyopharma & Hormae Pharma, Vaxxel & Signia Therapeutics, Epixis SA, or, concerning the clinics, more than 15 clinical trials.

After years of work on a single strain/isolate (often strongly lab-adapted), numerous teams, dealing both with bacteria and viruses, aim to study the biology of environmental and clinical microbial strains. CIRI is particularly in a good position for such studies as CIRI members coordinate 6 National Centers of Reference. 

4 CNR are hosted by the Institut des agents infectieux

- Centre national de référence enterovirus et parechovirus - Coordonateur

Responsible : Pr Bruno LINA

- Centre national de référence legionella - Coordonateur

Responsible : Dr Sophie JARRAUD

- Centre national de référence des staphylocoques - Coordonateur

Responsible : Pr François VANDENESCH

- Centre national de référence virus des infections respiratoires (dont la grippe) - Laboratoire associé

Responsible : Pr Bruno LINA

The two other NRC are:

- Le Centre National de Référence des Fièvres Hémorraghiques Virales hosted by Inserm in close proximity to the Jean Mérieux BSL4 facility.

Responsable: Dr Sylvain BAIZE

- Centre de référence des rhumatismes inflammatoires et maladies autoimmunes systémiques rares de l'enfant (RAISE)

Responsable: Pr Alexandre BELOT