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CIRI is not only involved in deciphering the mechanisms of immune response to bacterial and viral infections, but also in non-infectious pathogenic contexts such as allergy, autoimmunity or auto-inflammation. Understanding the fundamental mechanisms of immune responses is particularly important in theses contexts but also as immunotherapies have moved to the forefront of treatment for cancer and are also tested in patients with persistent / chronic infections.

Main cellular types studied are B cells, T cells, NK cells, dentritic cells and the microbiota.

Cosset FL - EVIR

Enveloped viruses, Vectors and ImmunotheRapy Read more

Dreux M - VIV

Vesicular trafficking, innate response and viruses Read more

Durantel D - HepVir

Interplay between HBV and HDV and liver host factors Read more

Faure M - APY

Autophagy Infection Immunity Read more

Henry T - I2BA

Inflammasome, bacterial infections and autoinflammation Read more

Horvat B - IbIV

Immunobiology of viral infections Read more


Viral Infection, Metabolism and Immunity. Read more

Marvel J - ICL

Immunity and cytotoxic CD8 T-lymphocytes Read more

Paul S - GIMAP

Pathophysiology and biotherapies of mucosal infections (GIMAP) Read more

Py B - NLRP3

NLRP3 inflammasome and immune response to sepsis Read more

Thaunat O - NOPAB

Normal and pathogenic B cell responses Read more

Vocanson M - IEA

Epidermal Immunity and Allergy Read more

Walzer T - LYACTS

Lymphocyte activation and signaling Read more

Genestier L/Bachy E - LIB

Lymphoma Immuno-Biology Read more

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