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Eicosanoids & inflammasomes

There is a world beyond cytokines in Immunology. Let's talk about eicosanoids, lipid mediators of inflammation! This project is led by Emilie Bourdonnay.

Eicosanoids are lipid mediators mostly derived from arachidonic acids. They can have potent pro- or anti-inflammatory actions and are involved both in acute inflammation and in the resolution of inflammation.

Thanks to recent advances in lipidomics, functional links between inflammasomes and eicosanoids have been demonstrated.  Although the role of eicosanoids has long been described in the innate immune response, little is known about their roles in antimicrobial responses against intracellular bacteria. We address this gap in knowledge by studying the relationship between eicosanoids and immune responses to Francisella infection. Using a mouse model of tularemia, we characterize the involvement of eicosanoids in the regulation of the AIM2 inflammasome, and vice versa. A better understanding of this system could allow the development of new drugs to help the host in its fight against infection.