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Measles Biobank

Measles Virus Biobank

The collection of measles virus strains, Measles virus Biobank, contains viral strains isolated from biological samples collected during measles outbreaks occurred in different countries around the world, during the past 40 years. In addition, the Biobank contains some viral strains obtained after repeated passages on various cell lines and recombinant measles virus strains, produced by reverse genetics, as well and monoclonal antibodies specific for measles virus. The collection contains currently around 300 measles virus strains (list attached), most of them genotyped and characterised at various other levels, involving absence of mycoplasma and phenotype analysis, including study of the virulence in humanized transgenic murine model. New circulating viral strains are obtained in collaboration with French National Reference Centre in Caen and via our established international collaborations. The Biobank has the quality management currently ongoing, with the objective is to obtain the certification NFS96 900.  It is part of French Biobank network. Unique in France, the collection is housed within team “Immunobiology of Viral Infections”, in CIRI. All strains are available for the research aiming at better understanding of this important pathogen in public health, including viral immunobiology, virus host relationship, study of vaccine protection against the current strains etc.

Contact: Branka Horvat 

Strains list: Measles Biobank

Antibody liste: List of antibodies