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Congrès de l'European B cell network

Congrès de l'European B cell network
Quand ? Du 30/06/2021 à 09:00
au 02/07/2021 à 18:00
"Dear all, 
I am the organizer of the 3rd EBCNet Forum that will be held virtually this year due to the complicated health situation, from June the 30th to July the 2nd . 
The European B cell network is a consortium of B cell afficionados that has been created in 2017 by Hans-Martin Jäck (Germany), Rita Carsetti (Italy) and Idit Shachar (Israel) with the aim to foster interactions and communication between european B cell immunologists. For more information, see our site at :
The EBCNet council is composed of representatives from 18 european B cell countries (+ Israel) and I am the french representative.
EBCNet organizes a meeting every year that we decided to keep informal but focused. Therefore the scientific program of these meeting has been so far almost entirely composed of the communications submitted by the members to give a chance to everyone to present his/her results. 
The registration fee is modest, only 25 €. Do not hesitate to apply by using the following link
All the best,
Thierry Defrance"
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