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Symposium InnaSCo-FrontInov - New Date

Innate sensors and Inflammation meeting: New date September 5th-7th! Still in Lyon, France!
Symposium InnaSCo-FrontInov - New Date
When Sep 05, 2023 09:00 AM to
Sep 07, 2023 06:00 PM
Contact Name





International symposium by Innate Sensor Community (InnaSCo) jointly with FONTINOV

Will be held in Lyon (France), on September 5-7 2023. 


This exciting meeting will cover recent findings on Inflammasomes, Type I IFN sensors, Nod1/2, ALPK1/TIFA and TLRs in infection, cancer and autoinflammation.

The Innate Sensors Community (INNASCO) is a group of scientists initially created in Lyon, but that has since expanded to other parts of France and Europe. Our shared interest is to better understand the biology of innate immune sensors and how they are regulated in infection, cancer and/or autoimmune/autoinflammatomatory diseases. INNASCO's main goal include the fluent exchange data and tools related to innate immune sensors and aliment shared knowledge.

The symposium include two parts:

    September  5th-6th: The InnaSCo symposium will cover recent findings related to inflammasomes, Type I IFN sensors, Nod1/2, ALPK1/TIFA, and TLRs in infection, cancer, and autoinflammation.

    September 7th: The FrontInov symposium is titled 'Precision Medicine approaches to inflammatory pathologies: from Artificial Intelligence-driven discovery to model systems'.


You will find further information including a pre-program by consulting our website:


Invited speakers

InnaSCo Symposium
Franklyn Zong, SG
Mathias Geyer, DE
Karim Majzoub, FR
Nadine Naguette, FR
Achille Broggi, FR
Petr Broz, CH
Cécile Arrieumerlou, FR
Gérard Eberl, FR
François Leulier, FR
Tanaya Shree, US
Virginie Petrilli, FR
FrontInov Symposium
Steve Renshaw, UK
Anna Kajaste, IT
Petr Cigler, CZ
Wojtek Cypryk, PL
Sophie Ugolini, FR
Dimitrios Vlachakis, GR
Nika Abdollhi, FR
Samuel Bitoun, FR
Frank Augé, FR









We are looking forward to seeing you in Lyon. 



Organizing Committee:

·       Marlène Dreux, CIRI

·       Caroline Goujon, IRIM

·       Uzma Hasan, CIRI

·       Thomas Henry, CIRI

·       Nadine Laguette, Institut de Génétique Humaine

·       Christelle Langevin, INRAE

·       Etienne Meunier, IBPC

·       Cécile Michallet, CRCL



More information about this event…