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Team Presentation

Staphylococcal Pathogenesis: from the bug to host-responses

Staphylococcus aureus (SA) represents a major threat for public health worldwide (30% of nosocomial and community-acquired infections). SA pathogenesis depends on the expression of numerous adhesins and exoproteins that impair the host and cell defenses. Expression of these virulence factors is tightly regulated by a complex network involving transcriptional factors and regulatory RNAs. We aim at getting a global characterization of SA diseases by an integrative approach from bed to bench and reverse to understand the occurrence, mechanisms of diseases and microbial clearance.

The "Staphylococcal Pathogenesis" team (StaPath) is composed of 3 study groups led by Prof. François Vandenesch, Prof. Gérard Lina and Prof. Frédéric Laurent. Each group works on 2 to 3 projects for a total of 7 projects within the team. Our team also hosts the group of Dr. Oana Dimitrescu who works on tuberculosis.

More details on our research activities on the projects page.

Finally, StaPath works in close collaboration with the National Reference Center for staphylococci (CNR Staph) and the Regional Reference Center for the management of complex bone and joint infections coordinated by Prof. Tristan Ferry et le Centre Régional de Référence pour la prise en charge des infections ostéo-articulaires complexes (CRIOAc Lyon).

Finally, our team is involved in 2 university hospital projects in collaboration with the Hospcices Civils de Lyon: RHU IdBIORIV and Phage in Lyon.