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The broad viral inhibitors IFITMs can regulate Golgi trafficking

Li Zhong, Yuxin Song, Federico Marziali, Rustem Uzbekov, Xuan-Nhi Nguyen, Chloé Journo, Philippe Roingeard, Andrea Cimarelli

The interferon-iinduced transmembrane proteins (IFITMs) are a family of interferon-induced proteins that defend the cell from several viruses by interfering with the process with which viral membrane fuses with cellular ones. We now describe how under certain conditions IFITMs can also regulate cellular protein trafficking through the ER-Golgi secretory pathway thus altering the cell physiology. These findings thus indicate that IFITMs are double-edge swords, protecting the cell from virus infection on one hand, but also potentially leading to deleterious side effects on the other. These findings have been published as cover image article on Life Science Alliance Journal in July.

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