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They once were here

former PhD students

(current employment may not be up to date)

Caroline Goujon: PhD obtained in  2007. Post doc at the King’s College in London and currently group leader at the IRIM, Monpellier.

Vanessa Arfi: PhD, obtained in 2008. Currently teacher at ISOstéo and Foucauld Sup, Lyon, France.

Lise Rivière:  PhD, obtained in 2009. Presently post doc at the University of Saarlandes, Germany

Grégory Berger:  PhD obtained in 2011. Currently Lead Technical Scientist at Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult, UK.

Stéphanie Cordeil : PhD obtained in 2012. Presently MD. France

Kevin Tartour: PhD obtained in 2014. Currently Post doc at the IGFL.

Wu Nannan (China): PhD obtained in 2016. Currently assistant researcher, Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center, Shanghai, China.

Mathilde Niocel: PhD obtained in 2017. Currently teacher in Public School.

Romain Appourchaux: PhD obtained in 2017. Currently in the Criminal Police.

Léa Picard: PhD obtained in 2020. Currently Postdoc at Yamamoto Lab, Okinawa, Japan.

Li Zhong: PhD obtained in 2021. Currently Postdoc at Cosset Lab, Lyon, France.

Yuxin Song: PhD obtained in 2022. Currently Postdoc at Cimarelli Lab, Lyon, France.

Former Post doctoral fellows

(current employment may not be up to date)

Stéphanie Durand: Post doc ANRS and Sidaction from 2009 to 2013. Currently Maitre de Conference. University of Brest, France

Claire Da Silva Santos (Brazil): Post doc ANRS (2014 to 2016). Currently Business Developer at genOway, France.

Eloise Thierry: AGPR-ENSL (2015 to 2016). Currently teacher in Public School.

Stefania Enza Sestito (Italy): Post doc Finovi (2015 to 2017). Currently Research Scientist Expert at Evotec, Italy.

Anuj Kumar (India): Post doc ANRS (2017 to 2020)

Stéphanie Jacquet: Post doc LabEx ECOFECT and ANR (2016 to 2022). Currently Researcher, Montpellier/Lyon.