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News 2021

2021, September

Preprint on our live-attenuated vaccine candidate Metavac® produced in the serum-free suspension DuckCelt®-T17 cell platform, is available.

We demonstrated that our DuckCelt®-T17 cell line supports Metavac® replication with high yields in up-scalable cultivation conditions, conserving both in vitro replication properties in LLC-MK2 and 3D-reconstituted Human Airway Epithelium models and the ability to infect and induce a efficient neutralizing antibody response in a mouse model. Our results suggest that the DuckCelt®-T17 cell line is a very promising platform for scalable in-suspension serum-free production of the Human Metapneumovirus-based Live Attenuated Virus candidate Metavac®. This work was done in collaboration with @Vaxxel @Research Centre in Infectious Diseases of CHU Québec and Laval University, Université Paris-Saclay, INRAE, UVSQ, VIM, @CIRI #STAPHPATH team, Centre d’Imagerie Quantitative Lyon-Est (CIQLE) and supported by @ANR @ANRT @ Canadian Institutes of Health Research @ Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes @ Consulat Général de France à Québec, UCBL1 subsidiary (EZUS, LIP) and Pulsalys SATT

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2021, August

Our collaborative study on the nasal IFNI/III signature in mildly symptomatic COVID19 patients has been published in Journal of Experimental Medecine.

In this study, we reported that the nasal IFN antiviral response is correlated with viral load and associated with the presence of infectious viruses. This new diagnostic method could be used to help identify patients at risk of transmitting SARSCoV2 and/or developing a severe form of COVID19. We observed low nasal IFNI/III scores despite high nasal viral loads in a subset of critically ill COVID-19 patients with auto-Abs against IFNI in both blood and nasopharyngeal mucosa. For the first time, functional assays in reconstituted Human Airway Epithelium model HAE of SARSCoV2 infection confirmed the role of these auto-Abs in abrogating the antiviral effects of IFNI, but not those of IFNIII which thereby could constitute an alternative early antiviral therapy.




2021, July



2021, June