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Team members


     Hélène Dutartre

     Team co-leader        helene.dutartre[at]


I am an INSERM researcher since 2005 and working at the CIRI since 2012. I am co-leading the team with Chloé since 2021. Having a formation in immunology and a multidisciplinary experience (in molecular virology, crystallography, drug design and vaccinology), I am interested in all the aspects of the interaction between viruses and their host: the infection of innate immune cells, viral mechanisms inducing the alteration of their functions, and how viral infections can be blocked. In the projects I am supervising, we use primary human cells, and we perform a multidisciplinary approach combining virology, immunology and screening of chemical compounds library to identify antiviral drugs.



     Chloé Journo

     Team co-leader        chloe.journo[at]



I have been an Associate Professor at ENS de Lyon since 2012, and I am co-leading the team with Hélène since 2021. I am fascinated by the molecular mechanisms with which viruses reprogram the host cells' functions. The projects that I lead in the team are at the interface between the fields of virology and of cancer cell biology. Teaching is a passion, and I love to pass on the taste for virology and immunology to students and younger colleagues.


     Florence Lormières

     Technical staff        florence.lormieres[at]




     Thomas Duchateau

     Ph.D. student        thomas.duchateau[at]


After a master at the ENS Lyon, I do my Ph.D. in the team following my internship. My current project is about a shared protein between all subtypes of HTLV-1 that is slightly different between variants and those modifications could have important impact on health and immunity. My passion is a mix between research (in virology/microbiology) and education and I aim to be an associated professor.


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Ph.D. Student        lucas.sareoua[at]



Having a strong interest in virology and host-pathogen interactions, I first completed a master's degree in virology in Paris before being recruited as a PhD student in this team in June 2022. I am working under the supervision of Hélène Dutartre and, with the help of Samuel Martial, we are seeking to better characterise the viral biofilms induced by HTLV-1 and their impact on viral transmission.




     Hanane El manssouri

     Research Engineer        hanane.el_manssouri[at]




Graduated with a master’s degree in Oncology, I’m a research engineer in the team. I am particularly interested in oncology and cancer cell biology. In this sense, I lead a research project in retroviral oncology. More precisely, my work focuses on the study of the interaction between the regulatory oncoprotein Tax of the retrovirus HTLV-1 and a family of cell receptors called selective autophagy receptors (SARs). I also study their effect on innate signaling during chronic infection and oncogenesis.