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Numerous infections have dramatic consequences for the nervous system, ranging from loss of function to the often fatal encephalitis. These affections are sometimes, but not always, directly related to the presence of the virus in the nervous system. Unfortunately, most of the evidence for viral encephalitis comes from data obtained very late after infection, usually after the patient has died. Also, we are trying to better understand the early stages of infection leading to invasion of the nervous system and the development of viral encephalitis. In the longer term, we are trying to better understand how certain viruses (Measles, Nipah, Hendra, etc.) can hide in some individuals for several decades after the initial infection before causing encephalitis.


Our interests focus on:

1-The key factors of the neuro-invasion of the central nervous system:

  • How and do encephalitic viruses invade the nervous system?
  • What are the major targets of these viruses in the central nervous system?
  • What molecular, cellular and viral factors govern the invasion of the nervous system?
  • What selective pressures do govern the neuroadaptation of these viruses?


2-New complex crop models

  • 2D single and multi-cell cultures
  • Brain, lung and kidney organotypic cultures of small animal models (3D)
  • Human cultures of brain organoids (3D)


3-The development of multifactorial treatments targeting both:

  • Multiple viral functions
  • Several cellular functions to prevent or even cure these infections.


Our major skills revolve mainly around pathogenic class 2 to 4 Paramyxoviruses and Coronaviruses.