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  • Rousset, F., Yirmiya, E., Nesher, S., Brandis, A., Mehlman, T., Itkin, M., Malitsky, S., Millman, A., Melamed, S. & Sorek, R. (2023). A conserved family of immune effectors cleaves cellular ATP upon viral infection. Cell, 186(17), 3619-3631.e13.


  • Rousset, F.*, Depardieu, F.*, Miele, S., Dowding, J., Laval, A. L., Lieberman, E., Garry, D., Rocha, E.P.C., Bernheim, A. & Bikard, D. (2022). Phages and their satellites encode hotspots of antiviral systems. Cell Host & Microbe, 30(5), 740-753.