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Molecular mechanisms of bacterial defenses
In the past, the study of bacterial defenses against phages led to revolutionary discoveries, such as restriction-modification and CRISPR-Cas systems which had a tremendous impact in biotechnology. Dozens of defense systems were recently discovered but their mode of action often remains enigmatic. We aim to solve the mechanism of these defense systems to unveil new molecular activities and tools.  



On the origins of innate immunity
Multiple mechanisms of innate immunity are evolutionary conserved from bacteria to human. In particular, some human immune genes have a billion-year-old origin in bacterial defenses. By tracking bacterial defense systems across the living world, we aim to uncover new immune strategies that are disseminated across the tree of life and to explore the evolutionary origins of eukaryotic innate immunity. 



Viral genomics
Phages are extremely diverse at the genetic level, together encoding millions of genes whose function is unknown. We aim to develop innovative computational and experimental techniques to explore this uncharted genetic diversity and reveal the functional repertoire encoded in viral genomes.