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Séminaire CIRI : Dr. Daniel Kaplan

"Neuronal Control of Cutaneous Inflammation"
Quand ? Le 14/09/2022,
de 14:00 à 15:00
Où ? Amphi Pasteur
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Pr. Daniel Kaplan (professor of dermatology and immunology, University of Pittsburgh -USA-) "Neuronal Control of Cutaneous Inflammation"

Abstract: Sensory neurons in the skin have recently been shown to play
important roles in the development of cutaneous inflammation. In this
seminar, Dr. Kaplan will review current work in his laboratory
demonstrating that pain-sensing neurons are sufficient to trigger
Type-17 inflammation and defining the molecular pathways involved.
In addition, work defining how different sensory neurons suppress
inflammation by reprogramming mast cells to become
hyporesponsive will be discussed.


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