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XXIIIèmes Journées Francophones de virologie

Les Journées Francophones de Virologie organisées par la Société Française de Virologie (SFV) regroupe plus de 400 participants chercheurs, (...) Read more

CIRI Seminar: Dr. Jenny VALLADEAU

"The dendritic cell population cDC1 produce IFN-λ in human primary tumors and are associated with a good prognosis." Read more

CIRI Seminar: Dr. Petr CHLANDA

“Zooming in on replication cycle of respiratory viruses by in situ cryo-electron tomography” Read more

Réunion annuelle AC 42 - Réseau national hépatites

Read more

CIRI Seminar : Dr. Nathalie GRANDVAUX

Read more

CIRI seminar: Dr. Jean DUBUISSON

Jean DUBUISSON (Centre Infection Immunité de Lille, Institut Pasteur de Lille): “ Large scale screening discovers clofoctol as an inhibitor of (...) Read more

CIRI seminar: Dr. Brian WEBSTER

CIRI seminar:Dr. Brian WEBSTER (Team Coordinator – Miltenyi Biotec Köln - Germany) Hote : Marlène Dreux Read more

CIRI seminar: Pr. Laurent CHATEL-CHAIX

Read more

CIRI seminar: Dr. Damien Arnoult

Read more

Séminaire CIRI : Dr. Nicolas BIDERE

Dr. Nicolas BIDERE "Deciphering Antigen Receptor-mediated NF-kB Activation and Lymphoma Cells Survival" Read more

Séminaire CIRI : Dr. Christiane RIEDEL

12h00; "Cryo electron microscopy, rhabdovirus architecture and pestivirus entry" Read more

Séminaire CIRI : Dr. Philippe AFONSO

"Neuroinvasion by HTLV and ZIKV: how blood-borne viruses cross the blood brain barrier" Read more

Seminar CIRI : Dr. Martin OBR

Architecture of retroviral capsid explored by cryoelectron tomography and subtomogram averaging Read more

Seminar CIRI : Pr. Yves GAUDIN

“ Interplay between viral factories and innate immunity during rabies virus infection: a history of liquid organelles “ Read more

Seminar CIRI : Dr. Pierre-Yves LOZACH

"Rift Valley fever virus and its fabulous NSs protein: a model to study amyloid aggregation and functions? " Read more

CIRI seminar: Pr. Eike STEINMANN

"Culturing Hepatitis E Virus– recent advances and novel perspectives for basic science and drug discovery" Read more

CIRI seminar: Pr. Michaël L. DUSTIN

"Supramolecular assemblies in the immunological synapse" Read more

Séminaire CIRI : Dr. Aude BERNHEIM

"Systematic and quantitative view of the antiviral arsenal of prokaryotes" Read more

Séminaire CIRI : Dr. Sandrine BOURDOULOUS

"New strategies to combat pathogenic bacteria: the example of Neisseria meningitidis" Read more

CIRI seminar cancelled : Pr. Soren Riis PALUDAN

"Activation of signaling by the cGAS-STING pathway in innate immunity" Read more

CIRI seminar: Dr Thomas S KUPPER

"The formation and role of resident memory T cells in skin inflammatory diseases" Read more

CIRI seminar: Pr. Paul GUICHARD

"Expansion microscopy for Structural cell biology: from centriole architecture to human diseases" Read more

Séminaire CIRI : Pr. Stephan URBAN

"Discovery and development of Hepcludex/bulevirtide, the first approved drug for chronic Hepatitis D virus Infection" Read more