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Offres d'emploi

Le CIRI recrute un-e Maître-sse de Conférence en Bacteriologie

Read more

Le CIRI recrute un-e Maître-sse de Conférence en Bacteriologie

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The CIRI recruits its future Director

Applications are still welcome ! Read more

Post-doctoral position in skin immunity

A 2-year post-doctoral position for a highly motivated and talented postdoctoral fellow is available in the team of Dr Marc Vocanson at the Centre International de Recherche en Infectiologie (CIRI), in Lyon, France. Read more


The IbIV team recruits a Data Manager, who will be responsible for gathering, organizing and validating all the data collected as part of a European project, focusing on COVID-19 and Long COVID. Read more

Looking for a post-doctoral fellow in bacteriology/T6SS

The I2BA team is recruiting a post-doctoral fellow to work on Francisella T6SS and its effectors (more details below). Read more

Post-doctoral position in Computer Science

We are looking to hire one Postdoctoral Researcher to work on the project EASIER-COHORT: ExtrAction of Symptoms from electronIc hEalth Records to create automatic COHORTs funded by the SHAPE-Med@Lyon initiative. The candidate (...) Read more

Post-doc - Immuno-Therapy

EVIR Team: "Genetic reprogramming of B cells to enhance their therapeutic properties before autologous transfer" Read more

PhD thesis offer in virology (NIPAH-LISA project)

Doctoral thesis under the joint co-supervision of Sonia Longhi (head of the “Structural Disorder and Molecular Recognition” team, AFMB lab, Marseille, France) and Cyrille Mathieu (head of the NITROVIRE team, CIRI, Lyon, (...) Read more