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Job offers

We are growing up ! Join us !



Be a PERSISTer! Join us!

A Master thesis (M2) position is availble in the group. If you are interested in such challenge, please contact Nicolas Personnic ( and/or Didier Blaha ( 




Be a PERSISTer! Apply to the E2M2 PhD program and join us!

We are looking for a young researcher who would be motivated to apply for a competitive doctoral contract and to reinforce our dynamic young team. Together, we will contribute to the ongoing pradigm change in infection biology. Using single-cell approaches, our group aim at understanding the pathogen phenotypic heterogeneity and its role in the infection process and the therapeutic failures. 

If you are interested in such challenge, please contact Nicolas Personnic ( and/or Didier Blaha ( Once the lab endorsment obtained, you will be supported to prepare and submit the research project and the grand oral. 

More information on the grant application? Click here 

AU fil de l'eau


We are an emerging team looking for highly talented and dedicated junior and senior researchers as well as engineers to decipher the biology of the persisters, and the single-cell dynamics of pathogens at large, during the infection. English is our working language.

Research addressing infection processes, anti-infective therapeutic failures or drug discovery has recurrently overlooked the formation of functionally distinct bacterial subpopulations. Within our group, you will have the opportunity to contribute to a new and promising research avenue. Using our innovative and powerful approaches, you will conduct pioneering research of broad interest in infection biology and contribute to the national and international efforts to tackle recalcitrant/relapsing infections. Of note, you will keep engineering new technologies and methodologies as well as identifying and integrating new technological breakdown to advance the field of “single-cell dynamics and persistence of respiratory pathogens”. Importantly, by joining a young team, you will have the rare opportunity to shape our group spirit.

If you are interested in postdoctoral research positions, keep in mind that funds raising takes time, so let's get in touch a few months beforehand. Please, include two letters of reference (one from your PhD supervisor) and a letter describing your research interests and your motivation to join the lab.

If If you are interested in doctoral research position, note that the lab is associated to the University of Lyon 1 PhD programm E2M2 (link here). 

In our group and at the CIRI, we offer you:

(1) an extraordinary and stimulating scientific environment at the heart of "Lyon Biodistrict"

(2) a tight link to the clinical research

(3) a direct access to the SFR Biosciences (UMS3444/US8), a federative structure that covers all necessary technological facilities.

In Lyon, you will discover:

(1) a robust biotech ecosystem

(2) an intense cultural life

(3) a quick & easy access to the mountains (French Alps and Auvergne) as well as the Mediterranean sea

(4) Paris within a 2h journey !