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Equality and Diversity Advisors

Their mission

Equality and diversity in the workplace are sensitive issues, but they must be taken seriously. Treating employees fairly, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or other characteristics, is at the heart of research ethics and effective human resources management. We must avoid discriminating against employees on the basis of the following factors: age; disability; sex, sexual orientation, gender identity; marriage and civil partnership; pregnancy and maternity; ethnicity; religion; beliefs.  These are known as “protected characteristics”. It is essential to have an appropriate policy in place to reduce instances of discrimination and ensure that appropriate action is taken if an incident does occur.


Preventing discrimination

The role of an equality and diversity policy is to help prevent discrimination against employees, and to provide a platform so that employees who have been discriminated against, or who believe they have witnessed discrimination, can raise the issue with their employer and be assured that the matter will be taken into account.


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To contact the equality advisors from the CIRI:



                 uzma.hasan[at] & evelyne.manet[at]