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Comité doc post-doc

Composition of the Committee and missions

The role of the doctoral students' committee is to organize social and scientific events for PhD and post-doctoral students at the center. It also aims to foster cohesion between doctoral students and promote initiatives in this direction, as well as to improve student well-being.

The committee is organized into five main areas that define its main functions:

  • External communications: Lionel Condé and Claudia Gonzalez

        Main tasks:

                Communications with external partners (e.g. bars)

                Communication with sales representatives for sponsorship opportunities

                Communication with doctoral schools

  • Internal communications: Amandine Le Corf

       Main tasks:

                Creation of visuals for various events

                Communication via networks and/or e-mail list

                Mail list management (integration of newcomers)

  • Administrative: Gregory Queromes

       Main tasks :

               Organization of meetings

               Note-taking and distribution


  • Events: Séverine Deymier and Blaise Lafoux

       Main tasks:

               Organization of scientific and festive events

               Budget planning if needed and food/drink reservations etc.

               Venue booking

  • Well-being and welcome of newcomers: Thibaut Halegua, Gregory Queromes, Blaise Lafoux and Claudia Gonzalez

       Main tasks:

               Organization of wellness events (Gregory)

               Promoting cohesion

               Promoting the integration of new arrivals/foreigners (Thibaut)

               Preventing discrimination and psycho-social risks (Blaise and Claudia)


Any volunteer from among the center's PhD students can become involved in this committee and/or take responsibility for one of the poles.

The committee automatically includes the PhD students' representatives on the laboratory council, elected by the college of doctoral students. They are the guarantors of this committee.


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