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CERP - Center of Excellence in Respiratory Pathogens


The Center of Excellence in Respiratory Pathogens (CERP) was created in January 2023 as a partnership between the Hospices Civils de Lyon, the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, under the CIRI, and Sanofi.

The CERP develops evidence generating research to support decision making related to respiratory pathogens. The CERP’s main objectives are: to create excellence in multi-disciplinary research combining virology, epidemiology, analytics, biocomputing and modeling; to ensure a continuum from data collection (surveillance & capacity building) to data use for policy making (analytic, modeling, and external engagement); to be a convener for major international stakeholders working on this thematic and to develop public-private instruments to ensure synergies.

Our projects are divided in three work streams:

  1. Producing robust burden of disease estimates for influenza, Respiratory syncytial (RSV) and SARS-CoV-2 at a local, national, and global level using different data sources.
  2. Evaluating the real-life performance of vaccines against different outcomes.
  3. Assessing viral genetic evolution.


Team members


Director, Chargée de mission



Senior Biostatistician/Data scientist

ZOUNON Malaika

















Senior Epidemiologist


VANHEMS Philippe



Senior Epidemiologist





(Publications by a team member in the last 2 years)

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