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Recruitment of 1 engineer in biochemistry/recombinant prot

The I2BA team is recruiting one Engineer in biochemistry/recombinant protein production to sustain the biochemical approaches of the team on bacterial virulence proteins and innate immunity proteins (position available now).

Recruitment Biochemical Engineer

The team "Inflammasome, bacterial infections and autoinflammation" led by Thomas Henry at CIRI in Lyon is looking for an assistant engineer or an engineer in biochemistry-recombinant protein production-interaction tests. The person recruited will be in charge of developing the experimental approaches in biochemistry of the team in connection with the "Protein Science Facility" of the SFR Biosciences.

The person recruited will be in charge of producing several recombinant eukaryotic and prokaryotic proteins and of carrying out crystallization, protein-protein interaction and protein-small molecule interaction tests.

In addition to a close collaboration with the "Protein Science Facility" of the SFR Biosciences, depending on the results obtained, the person recruited will collaborate with a crystallographer and/or a cryomicroscopy team.

The techniques used for the production of recombinant proteins will be the classical expression techniques in E. coli followed by purification steps by chromatography and quality control by biophysical methods. Crystallogenesis will also be performed on the SFR Biosciences robotic platform. The interaction tests will involve co-purification approaches, characterization of interactions by several techniques such as interferometry (BLI), microscale thermophoresis (MST/NanoTemper), surface plasmon resonance (SPR/Biacore).

The scientific themes will focus on two main topics: 1) the type VI secretion system of the bacterium Francisella tularensis and its effectors which are virulence factors of this pathogenic bacterium 2) proteins of innate immunity to fight against bacteria.

We are looking for a candidate with experience in recombinant protein production and purification. The person will be recruited by Inserm via a fixed-term contract of one year, renewable, whose remuneration will follow the Inserm grids and will depend on the candidate's qualifications and experience. All profiles will be considered from technician to engineer. We are looking for a rigorous person with an appetite for developing new techniques. The person recruited will interact with many people in the team, in the SFR Biosciences platforms and with collaborators, so we will pay particular attention to the communication skills of the person recruited.

The position is to be filled immediately for a start of contract in early 2024 (with some flexibility depending on the profile of the candidates). To apply, candidates are invited to send their CV and cover letter to Thomas Henry ( If possible, please include the contact information of one or two people who can recommend the candidate.